Every generation has had one -- a lone voice calling the world back to God.

            In the early church, it was Paul's missionary journeys. During the great Protestant Reformation, it was Martin Luther's 95 theses. Facing the onslaught of Nazism, it was Dietrich Bonhoeffer's unwavering faithfulness. Speaking to thousands at crusades, it was Billy Graham's simple message of faith.

            And now, in our generation, it is Kristi Morgan and her unshakeable trust in Jesus Christ that calls us to both speak and live by faith. Kristi has a profound love for the study and application of God's Word. Not only does she speak the truths of God, but she lives the truths of God.

            It is evident that God's anointing is on Kristi as she passionately helps others to understand and follow the precepts of the Bible. Her words touch your heart and soul. Like me, you will come away refreshed, convicted, and enlightened from spending time with Kristi.

-Allen Tilley
Pastor of First Baptist Church-Carthage TX


Bridget said...

Every word is true. I feel as if I have breathed in God's very presence every time I talk to Kristi.