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Exodus 8-Outline

Exodus 8-Study Notes

Study: Exodus 8

Store-“Always be joyful. Keep on praying. No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Apply-Joy. Prayer. Thankfulness

Learn-False Repentance

            ***Remember to mark in your Bibles or somewhere every time Moses asks Pharaoh to let the people go. We will discuss the meaning of this later on. ***

v Exodus 8
o   Chapter 8 focuses on three main issues.
§  1. The Ripple Effect
§  2. The Hardening and Lies
§  3. Compromise
v The Ripple Effect
o   Exodus 8:2-4; 16-17; 21
§  How did Pharaoh’s stubbornness and disobedience affect Egypt and all the people in it?

·      How does our sin, even stubbornness and disobedience affect others?

§  According to each of these verses what resulted from Pharaoh’s hardening heart? Let’s look at each of these verses.

·      Exodus 8:2-4-what did God send to cover the entire land of Egypt? Why frogs?

o   What happened when the magicians performed their secret arts, according to verse 7?

o   How is the sin in our lives similar to the vast amount of frogs covering Egypt?

·      Exodus 8:16-17-Did God give Pharaoh any warning when he sent gnats to infest the land?
o   Why?

·      How much more did the plague of gnats affect the Egyptians? Look back at verse 17.

o   What was different about this plague verse the other two? List them out-Read verse 17-19 again.

·      Exodus 8:21-Why do you think the Lord gave Pharaoh warning before He sent the plagues?

o   Why does God give us warning today, in regards to the consequences of our sins?

§  How did God protect His people during the plague of the flies? Read Exodus 8:22-23

§  What resulted from Pharaoh’s stubbornness in verse 24?

·      What similar things have we seen today that has caused chaos in our country?

o   Are you aware of the ripple effect sin, disobedience and stubbornness has not only on your life but the life of those around you? Can you give some examples of a ripple effect that has happened in your life?

v The Hardening and Lies
o   Exodus 8:8,15; 19; 25, 28, 32
§  Using each of these verses, list out each lie Pharaoh made.
·      1.
·      2.
·      3.
·      4.
·      5.

§  List 5 reasons why we lie today?
·      1.
·      2.
·      3.
·      4.
·      5.

§  What happened to Pharaoh’s heart every time he was delivered from the plague?

·      What happens to our hearts ever time we lie and get away with it?

§  Why did Pharaoh always go back on his word?

·      Have you ever promised God you would do something but then went back on your word? Why?

v The Compromise
o   Exodus 8:8-10; 25-29
§  Why did Pharaoh wait until the next day to be delivered from the vast hordes of frogs, (verse 10) why not immediately?

·      Why do we delay deliverance from the entanglement of sin and death?

§  What compromises did Pharaoh make in each of these passages?

·      Compromise #1-(verses 8-10)-

·      Compromise #2-(verses 25-29)-

o   Why was Pharaoh so willing to compromise?

o   Did he hold up his part of the deal? Why?

§  Do we try to make compromises with the Lord?

·      What does it mean to compromise?

·      List some ways compromise can be good.
o   1.
o   2.
o   3.
o   4.
o   5.
·      List some ways compromise can be bad?
o   1.
o   2.
o   3.
o   4.
o   5.

o   What is the difference between true repentance and false repentance?

§  What type of repentance did Pharaoh have according to Exodus 8:15?

What 3 lessons can we learn from Exodus 8 and Psalm 51?

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