Sunday, May 11, 2014

Just This

Jesus You have given me the greatest honor and role here on earth-mommy.

Thank You for the overwhelming amount of joy these babies bring to my life. 

I pray I live in such a way they see You at all times. I pray Your reflection in me leaves them desiring more of You.

May my words and my actions towards Garrett be ones that teach them to desire a woman who is submissive, respectful, kind, loving, encouraging and most of all God fearing. 

May I never take this role for granted. It is a gift from You that can be taken at any time. 

May I never waste time being selfish but selfless so they can learn to live a life just as You did. 

Jesus You gave me the greatest example to follow, my mama and I pray I become half the woman she is today. 

Thank You for the godly example she set for me. She not only taught it but she lives it. 

Jesus continue to teach me Your ways so I can teach them. Amen