Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Not Your Typical Monday

It was a Monday just like most, so I thought.

We all got home and he told us to get in the car we were going to go eat with some friends. 

So we all got loaded up and headed out, when he says we need to run by the Church real quick to help our friend move some tables around for Sunday school. 

Confused as to why, I began asking a lot of questions. Maybe even grumbling a little ;)

We pull up and Will, our friend meets us at the car and asks if we could both come in and help.

So I begin to get out and get the boys out when Will says it will just be a minute they are fine. So we start to walk in and I notice Will is not coming. (Hence the boys will be fine in the car)

I begin to realize something is going on. 

G walks me into the Sanctuary and takes me to the front of the altar. 

We sit down and I notice there is music playing in the background. 

I begin to get nervous and G grabs my hands and begins...

"I remember the first time you and I talked and the first thing you asked me was  "Are you a Christian?" At that very moment I knew you were different. I knew I wanted to get to know you more.

God made you just for me.  We are a perfect fit. We have had a lot of ups and downs, but we have always pushed through. Everyday I love you more and more. I love you more today than I did then. You make me a better man. You have always supported me in whatever I chose to do. 

We have grown in so many areas and I am a better man and dad because of you. We really do fill each other's holes. 

I love serving Jesus and others with you. I love your heart for the Lord. You are rare and you stand strong for what you believe and I love that about you. I want to lead you and our boys spiritually and be that leader for you guys. 

I know ten years ago I didn't really get the proposal right, but today I want to try again. 

At this point he takes me to the altar and we kneel down. 

Before I do anything I want to pray with you. So of course I try to gather my composure and stop sobbing so he can pray. 

He finishes and I begin to get up. He grabs my hand and kneels down on one knee. 

This is where I should have brought you the first time. The place that means the most to both of us. 

Kristi, will you serve Jesus with me for the next 60 years of our lives? Will you continue to walk with me as we raise our boys in the Word of God? Will you let me serve you and our family for the rest of our lives, always keeping Christ in the center? Will you continue to walk with me on this path the Lord has set us on? 

He then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a little black box and opens it up. 

Will you love me and serve Jesus with me forever? May this ring be a reminder of who we are today. May it be our commitment to always put God first and serve Him daily. 

Sigh...this man was way more than I ever deserved. 

I of course said yes all while knocking him over when I threw my self on him. :)

Avery and Dax, you have been placed in the arms of an earthly daddy who loves Jesus, us and others passionately. I pray your love for your wives will be a reflection of your love for Christ, just like your daddy's. 

I pray you will learn from our relationship what a relationship with Christ looks like, individually and married. 

Garrett, you my sweet man are the love of my life. Your unconditional love is a visible reminder of Christ's unconditional love for me. 

Thank you for the man you are today and the man you will be tomorrow and the next day and the next day. 

Thank you for teaching me daily what selflessness looks like. Thank you for providing for our family. Thank you for leading us spiritually. 

You my love, still give me butterflies. You are my partner, my best friend, my teammate, my helper, my biggest supporter, my encourager and the most amazing daddy. I am so blessed to have been made to be your helper. 

Jerry and Gabie, you set the example of true love by the way you loved. I am forever thankful and honored to serve, love, and walk through this life with your son. 

Jesus, You have blessed me here on earth more than my mind can fathom. You are my forever soul mate. May I love Garrett the way You love me. May I honor You by honoring him. May I be a reflection of You in my speech, actions, reactions and attitude towards him, building him up, encouraging him and supporting him. 

Thank You for taking up residency within us and within our home. 

May all who enter our home and  presence see and feel You first and foremost, in the most overwhelming way.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Because our Temples are His!

I am teaming up with the sweet Caroline Foster @Fitforhisglory to lead my first challenge group. We would love to have you join us. ⬇️

➡️Final Call: Insanity Max 30 Group⬅️ _____________________________________
Shaun T is back with Insanity Max 30. Only 30 minutes, 5 days a week. [see link in bio for short promo video] 
We are excited to start the 60 day Insanity: Max 30 program on January 5th! We already have a few amazing ladies joining us for this 60 day challenge, and we have a few more spots available. We are looking for ladies who want to get stronger and healthier with us in 2015! You may not be able to complete the full 30 minutes at a Shaun T speed, but the program is designed to have you start with Shaun T as long as you can, write down that number you hit, and then drop to modify or take a short break. 
If you are committed and want in on this New Years challenge with us, leave your email below for more details.
As with every challenge we do, we will focus on hitting our physical goals by committing our bodies to Christ. This group is going to be small and will fill up quick, so if you want in let us know!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Exodus 20-Outline

 Exodus 20

Study: The Ten Commandments

Store: “Always be joyful. Keep on praying. No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Apply: God’s Deliverance

Learn: Jesus and the Ten Commandments

·       Today we are going to evaluate the 10 Commandments from both sides of the Cross.

o   Under each verse write out the Commandment God gave in the Old Testament and then what Jesus said about that commandment in the new.

          The Old Testament                              The New Testament
Exodus 20:3-

Matthew 4:10-
Exodus 20:4-

Luke 16:13-
Exodus 20:7-

Matthew 5:34-
Exodus 20:8-

Mark 2:27, 28-
Exodus 20:12-

Matthew 10:37-
Exodus 20:13-

Matthew 5:22-
Exodus 20:14-

Matthew 5:28-
Exodus 20:15-

Matthew 5:40

Exodus 20:16-

Matthew 12:36-
Exodus 20:17-

Luke 12:15-

- Why were the Ten Commandments necessary for the Israelites?

-Go back and review each commandment given in Exodus 20, next to each verse write down 1 Biblical fact why God established it.

  Exodus 20:3-

 Exodus 20:4-

                 -In what ways do we allow things to become our gods? What are some things that have taken                    the place of God in your life?

       Exodus 20:7-

 Exodus 20:8-

   Exodus 20:12-

      Exodus 20:13-

    Exodus 20:14-

    Exodus 20:15-

     Exodus 20:16-

     Exodus 20:17-

- Which commandment is the first to be followed with a promise?

·       What was the promise?

            How does what Jesus said, differ from what the Ten Commandments said?

-Why did the Pharisees and Sadducees struggle with what Jesus said about the Ten Commandments?
       - Galatians 2:14-21; Galatians 3

             -According to Galatians 5 how are we free from the law today?

-Why are we still called to obey the commandments today?

    How does the law protect us?

Exodus 20:18-21
            God speaks to His people in different ways, what was His purpose for speaking the way He did                  according to verse 18?

 Why was it important for God to get His point and message across to the people of Israel?

·       In what ways has the Lord spoke to you, in order to get your attention or His message across?

                In verse 20 why did Moses tell the people of Israel to not be afraid?

  God wasn’t trying to scare the Israelites, what was He trying to show them? Why?

  How did Moses encourage them to apply the fear they had, in the latter part of vs. 20?

  There is an important message in verse 20 that we are to learn? What is it?

  God desires for us to follow Him because we love Him, not because we are afraid.  The more we grow in our relationship with Him, the more we will grow in love. The more we learn about who He is, the more we will desire to be with Him.

  “Perfect love expels all fear.” 1 John 4:18

   Exodus 20:22-26
                               Proper Use of Altars

-  List out each instruction God gives the people of Israel regarding the altars.

- Why was the Lord so specific in how the altars were to be built?

-What was the Lord trying to prevent from happening?

What was the purpose and use of the altar?

How can you apply Exodus 20 to your life?

What benefits do you have on this side of the Cross?


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Exodus 19-Outline

Study: The Giving of the Law

Store: “Always be joyful. Keep on praying. No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Apply: God’s Deliverance

Learn: God’s Requirements

·       Exodus 19
o   2 Focus Points
§  1. Obedience- Exodus 19:3-6; 10; 14; 22; 11-13; 21-25
a. Covenant- (vs. 3-6) Genesis 15 and 17)
b. Purification- (vs. 10; 14; 22)
c. Boundaries- (vs. 11-13; 21-25)

§  2. God’s Presence-Exodus 9; 16-20
a. The Cloud (vs. 9)
b. The Fire (vs. 16-20)

1.    Obedience-submissive to authority; comply with orders; fulfill one’s responsibility.

-Exodus 19:3-6; 10; 14; 22; 11-13; 21-25

Bonus Question: What was so significant about Mount Sinai?

God gives Moses and the people of Israel 3 commands/instructions He wants them to obey. Let’s look at each one.

A. The Covenant-vs. 3-6
§  Why does God remind the people of Israel what He did for them and to the Egyptians?

·       Why does God remind us what He did for us through Jesus?

¨     Why do we constantly need these reminders?

§  What is the first thing in verse 5 God says He wants the Israelites to do?

¨     What covenant was made between God and the people? Genesis 15 and 17

¨     What 2 benefits will the people of Israel receive if they obey and keep His covenant?
Ø  1.

Ø  2.

§  When Moses returned from the mountain, whom did he meet with according to verse 7?

§  What was their response to Moses in verse 8?

§  What do you find so interesting about the last part of verse 8?

                  B. The Purification-to make pure or remove blemishes; make ritually clean.
                  -Exodus 19:10, 14, and 22

§  Why is purification so important to God?

§  Why was it important to God for the people of Israel to be purified?

§  In verse 10 what did God require them to do in order to be acceptable when He came?

§  How did Moses follow through with God’s command in verse 14?

·       What was the significance of  “washing”?

·       How do we purify ourselves physically and spiritually?

·       What difference is there today, between us on this side, and the Israelites before Christ?

·       Why did Moses tell the people in verse 15 to abstain from having sexual intercourse?

·       Why did it take 3 days?

·       List 5 ways we can purify ourselves before we meet with God

¨     1.
¨     2.
¨     3.
¨     4.
¨     5.

·       God makes a strong statement about the Priests purifying themselves in verse 22? Why?
·       What would happen to them if they didn’t purify themselves?

·       What does this tell us about God?

C. The Boundaries-
                  Exodus 19:11-13; 21-25

§  Why did God want Moses to set up boundary lines?

§  What would be the consequence for anyone who crossed the boundary line?

·       Today Jesus has set up boundary lines for us. Why?

¨     List 5 benefits of staying within His set boundaries?
Ø  1.
Ø  2.
Ø  3.
Ø  4.
Ø  5.

¨     List 5 consequences for stepping outside of God’s boundaries?
Ø  1.
Ø  2.
Ø  3.
Ø  4.
Ø  5.

§  In verse 13 why did God even require the animals to stay within the boundary lines?

§  What do you think would happen if those who disobeyed were touched?

§  Why did God tell the people of Israel to not touch those who crossed the lines?

§  In verse 21-22, why did God remind the people of Israel again, not to climb the mountain or cross the boundary lines?

·       Why do we need to be reminded several times of our boundary lines?

·       How do we benefit from these reminders?

§  What was Moses protesting against in verse 23?

§  What took place between God and Moses that made him protest according to verse 24?

§  Why did God want Aaron to come up on the mountain with Moses?

§  What did God say He would do to the people and priests that crossed the boundaries?

2. God’s Presence
                  Exodus 19:9; 16-20   

§  How would God’s presence impact and influence the people of Israel?

·       Why was this important to God?

·       Why did He want them to hear His voice?

¨     How do we hear the voice of God today?

§  In verse 9 how did God say He would appear to the people?

·       Why a cloud?

§  List the events that took place on the 3rd day according to the verses listed below.

¨     Verse 16-

¨     Verse 17-

¨     Verse 18-

¨     Verse 19-

¨     Verse 20-

§  Read Deuteronomy 4:9-14 and then describe in your own words how powerful and real God’s presence is to you.

§  How has your life been impacted by God’s presence?

§  When was the 1st time Jesus made His presence known to you like He did in verses 16-20?

§  Read Psalm 104:32
·       How does this verse describe God’s holiness and power?

§  What does the fire represent in verse 18 and why do we associate fire with God?


1. Obedience is merely fulfilling your responsibility-take joy in it.
2. Remember the covenant Christ made with you when He died on the Cross and never lose sight of it.
3. Never go a day without allowing the Lord to purify you.
4. As a part of the Body of Christ, do your job well.
5.  Find joy in the boundaries God has set around you. They are for your good and protection.
6. Praise God for His daily presence in your life


1. What two areas do you know you need to be more obedient in?

2. What areas do you struggle with most, when it comes to being obedient?

-What steps can you take on your part to become more obedient?

-What does your lack of obedience communicate to God and others?

3. According to 1 John 1:9 what must we do in order to be forgiven and cleansed?

4.  Why is it important for you to confess your sins daily before the Lord?

5. It what ways or areas of your life has God purified you?

6. List some boundaries God has set for you that you struggle to stay within?

7. List some boundaries God has set before you that have protected and helped you?

8.  Do you find joy in the presence of God; if so, in what ways?

9. How does God’s Word bring us into the presence of God?

10. Do you long for more of God’s presence? What are some ways you can allow God to fulfill that longing within you?                 

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