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Exodus 13-Outline

Exodus 13-Study Notes

Study: Exodus 13-

Store-“Always be joyful. Keep on praying. No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Apply-Joy. Prayer. Thankfulness

Learn-The Dedication

            Exodus 13:1-2

o   What does the word dedicate mean?

o   What did God want dedicated to Him?

o   In the latter part of verse 2 God says, “They are mine” what does this reveal about God?

v Exodus 13:3-7
o   God gives commands, rules, and details pertaining to the Festival of Unleavened Bread. List out each command and why God required it.
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§  7.

v Exodus 13:8-9

o   Verse 8-what benefits will the children receive from hearing why the Festival of Unleavened Bread is celebrated?

§  What benefit do our children receive from hearing about Christ?

o   In verse 8 God tells them exactly what to say. Why did He not allow them to tell the story from their point of view?

§  Did you notice God didn’t have them say anything about their hardships? Rather, He focused on what He did.

o   In verse 9 what marked the Israelites?

o   How would the Festival be a visible reminder?

§  What marks us today?

§  What are our visible reminders?

§  Why did God reference our physical body parts?

o   What are some things that you do that mark you as a follower of Christ?

o   How important is it to God that we remember what He did for us and why we are constantly to keep His instructions and word on hearts, minds and lips?

v Exodus 13:10-13
o   Why does God repeat Himself in verse 10 & 11?

o   Why did God only require the 1st born sons?
§  What is the significance and parallel between the 1st born in the Old and Jesus in the new?

o   What does redeemed mean?

o   Why did the Israelites have to “redeem” their 1st born sons?

§  What did God require them to be redeemed with?

§  How did God redeem the 1st born during the Passover?

o   What was the purpose of being redeemed?

o   Why was the donkey, if kept to be killed by breaking its neck?

o   Why was there an option to exchange a donkey for a lamb?

v Exodus 13:14-16
o   Why does God give them specifics on exactly what to say?

§  How does the Holy Spirit do this for us today?
·      Matthew 10:19-20
·      Romans 8:26

o   What is the difference between passages 14-15 and passages 8-9?

o   What point is God trying to make in verse 16 and why does He repeat it again?

§  What are some of the most repeated words throughout the Bible?

v Exodus 13:17-18
o   Why did God send the Israelites on a detour?

§  What can we learn from our own detours?

o   How was God protecting and preparing the Israelites?

o   How has God protected and prepared you?

o   How did you handle your detour, or how are you handling your detour?

v Exodus 13:19-22
o   How did Moses keep his word to Joseph?

o   How did God guide the Israelites through the wilderness?

§  How does He guide us today?

o   How did God make His presence known?

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