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Exodus 14-Outline

Exodus 14-Study Notes

Study: Exodus 14-

Store-“Always be joyful. Keep on praying. No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Apply-Joy. Prayer. Thankfulness

Learn-The Great Escape

v Exodus 14:1-4

o   What did God have in store for the Israelites and Egyptians when He told the Israelites to camp along the shore opposite Baal-Zephon?

o   What was God’s plan according to verses 3-4?

o   In verse 4 God says, “ I have planned this so I will receive great glory at the expense of Pharaoh and his armies.”
o   What point was God making?

o   What was God’s purpose for Pharaoh?

o   According to Romans 9:17-18 & 9:22-23 what lesson is God trying to teach us?

v Exodus 14:5-9
o   Why did Pharaoh change his mind?

o   What did he realize was happening?

§  What were the Egyptians planning to do against 2 million Israelites?

o   Why did God strengthen Pharaoh’s resolve?

§   If God hadn’t strengthened Pharaoh and hardened his heart how would God have continued to display His glory?
o   Why is God always displaying His glory?

§  How is He still doing it today?

v Exodus 14:10-12

o   What were the Israelites reactions when they saw the Egyptians in the distance?

o   How did they respond to Moses during that time?

o   Why did the Israelites begin to get angry and complain?

§  What does this show about their faith in God thus far?

·      How do you react during times of stress and fear?

§  What does Psalm 106:7-8 tell about God?

o   In verses 11-12 list out every complaint made by the Israelites?
§  1.
§  2.
§  3.
§  4.
§  5.

v Exodus 14:13-14
o   How does Moses respond to the people?

§  How does God respond to us when we complain?

o   What 5 commands did Moses give the people?
§  1.
§  2.
§  3.
§  4.
§  5.
·      How can we apply and use these in our own lives?

v Exodus 14:15-18
o   In verse 15 why did God tell Moses to stop crying out to Him and get moving?

§  Prayer is vital but we should not use it as a way to get out of action?

o   How was God going to deliver the Israelites from the Egyptians this time?

§  What do you notice about the place God placed the Israelites?
·      They were placed between mountains and the sea and God chose the sea to display His glory?

o   One God is finished with Pharaoh and his armies what does He say all of Egypt will know?

o   Have you ever stopped and thought about all the men who died under Pharaoh’s command?

v Exodus 14:19-20
o   How did God protect the Israelites come nighttime?

o   Why did the angel of the Lord and the pillar of cloud move behind the Israelites?

o   What do you notice about God’s ability to protect and guide in verse 20?

v Exodus 14:21-25
o   How did God open up a way for the Israelites to escape?

§  How does He open up a way out for us when we feel like there is no way?

v Exodus 14:21-25

o   God didn’t just open up the sea and part it. He even made the ground dry.

o   How did God show His love and protection in verse 22?

o   How could the Israelites witness God’s presence, power and protection and still come out and complain?

o   In verse 23-28 list out how God displayed who He was to the Egyptians?

v Exodus 14:29-31

o   How did God reassure the Israelites of their safety in verse 30?

§  What did they see wash up on shore?

o   How did the Israelites respond in verse 31?

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