Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Things I Use

I thought I would share with you a few things that I am using to help me manage my time wisely. Especially now that I am rising earlier. 

1st-My power verse-This of course changes weekly.
     "Teach us to make the most of our time, so that we may grow in wisdom." Psalm 90:12. 

             ~I want Jesus to teach me exactly how I can make the most of every second. Because one day I am going to die and I want the hash in the middle of my birth and death to be jammed pack full of purpose, a legacy remembered for ages, and a pure reflection of Christ. Christ used all 33 years of His time on earth wisely and I want to do the exact same. I know this will be hard at times and I know Satan will throw those arrows, but I also know in Christ I can and will be victorious even in the difficult times. I don't want to be remembered as a selfish, lazy, worldly focused woman. I want to be remembered as a God-fearing, serving, loving woman who made use of every second God gave her. 

2nd-I have created a The Morgan Family Planner-I love everything and anything organized. From the inside of every drawer, to my attic, to my husbands clothes, to my lessons for Sunday School and Bible Studies.n So this is heaven in a notebook. 

I can't remember for the life of me where i got the cover, but if I find it I will add the attachment. I want this sweet lady that created it to receive the credit. 

3rd-Inside the Binder- of it I have created tabs for my daily and weekly to do, which I call "Fulfilling His Purpose"   recipes, exercise, important dates, an address book, and important numbers (For the babysitter-if we ever decide to finally use one :) 

My all time favorite page that I fill out is the "Fulfilling His purpose" Here is a quick pic of it. 

I absolutely love this page. I usually keep it in my book, but have decided to hang it on the fridge for the whole family to see it, and because well, I love my binder but I don't like it to sit out on the counter. Once the week is over I will put it back in the binder and get a new one. 

4th-The Daniel Plan (By far one of our greatest investments. This book has been life-changing and it is Biblical based which is HUGE to us. I highly recommend it!!) I can't speak enough good things about this book. My shopping list, our workout plan, our recipes all come from here. I also have the Daniel Plan Cookbook! Listen when it comes to cooking I need all the help I can get! And I love that all these recipes consist of foods that God created in the beginning. There are so many man made foods it's unbelievable. So this teaches you the difference between them. Like I said, it is AMAZING! 

5th-Bills! Bills! Bills!-We use Dave Ramsey, so I keep track of all our bills using an excel spreadsheet G and I created, based off of Dave Ramsey. I have a binder I keep all our bills in. I really actually enjoy paying our bills and G likes it to. He use to do all of it, but the more we prayed about it and realized he didn't have very much time with football, I took over, and because my strength is being organized and it's his weakness. Since he is no longer in football, we do it together. I only keep our bills 2 calendar years (for tax purposes) then they meet Mr. Shredder. When the first year rolls by, I remove all of the bills from the binder and place them in a shoe box. I only keep the tear off portion of our bills. It's cleaner and less bulky, and they fit perfectly in a shoe box. It also saves so much time. I mean who wants to spend countless hours paying bills, not me! Nor do I want to look at a big box or filing cabinet filled with junk. I am not one to keep things, not even my boys papers from school. (Unless it is extremely necessary.) For some reason I mentally can't handle excess. It's just not needed. Less is way better for me. I would rather invest my time investing in them instead of in an object that will perish in the end. 

6th-Investing and Serving Others-this requires diligence. People need people. God made us that way. In order to manage my time wisely between the top priorities Christ has laid before me and investing  in others, I leave it completely up to Him, and He always provides the time for fellowship, discipleship, teaching, and growing. When Christ reveals your gift to you, He also sets aside the time for you to be able to fulfill those gifts and but prepare as well. Preparation requires listening. Listening to Him! He is the teacher, I am just His tool.  Mine is teaching and writing (and not like spit out a book writing.) and both of those require adequate amounts of time. When I prepare for a lesson it takes an entire week, along with a good 4 hours on Saturday. So I really have to be mindful of how I use my time. When your a wife, mama, daughter, sister, business owner, friend, and invested in discipleship's, you have to depend on the Holy Spirit. Time truly is of the essence. I have really been learning lately to be mindful of every second. I really like TV, but TV is a waste of time anymore. I could sit in front of the TV for hours and in doing so waste hours that I could be serving Christ, my family and others. This is something I have really been praying to have a distaste for. Could you imagine if I didn't have a conviction for Facebook. Oh mercy help me, I would probably waste hours looking at others lives rather than going out and investing in the lives of others. I am thankful He has given me a distaste for that. I am here to impact lives for the sake of Christ. "Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations…" Matthew 28:19

Be wise with your time today sweet ones. May each second be used for the Glory of God, fulfilling the purpose He has placed within you. 

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