Monday, October 13, 2014

A Strong Family

22 Characteristics of a Strong Family-Dr Charles Stanley.

1. Be godly parents

2. Be consistent in what you say and do

3. Be a good listener-listening is vital and very important in your child(s) life

4. Discipline without rejection-don't discipline out of anger-if you do they will feel rejection.

5. Parents must love one another- how you treat each other leaves a lasting impression in their minds. 

6. Don't PLAY FAVORITES! If you are always bragging about one child, it leaves the other one feeling as though they are not good enough. 

7. Admit your failures-don't make a promise and then not do it. 

8. Pray together! 

9. Read the Bible together-this is the most important thing you can do as a family. 

10. Encourage your children to have private devotions. 

11. Attend church together

12. Explain how to handle money (give, save, spend)

13. Discourage any kind of criticism. 
Criticism tears people down. As parents we should make sure we build each other up and our children up. 

14. At the proper age, share your heartaches, disappointments, trials, and tough times.

15. Don't avoid hard questions

16. Build biblical convictions into their life as a guide.

17. Spend time with your children-encourage them

18. Plan fun things together

19. Be willing to ask for forgiveness-at dinner time discuss things that my be bothering you. Leave nothing unforgiven.

20. Don't take sides-if you do, you drive one away-let go of your pride.

21. Always be honest with your children at all times, if not they will carry your lies with them the rest of their life and even questions others.

22. Be a refuge for one another- be there personally-NOT by text but by phone. Hear their heart. Listen to them-encourage them-and don't be defensive. 

It is never to late to start living out these characteristics. Regardless of how you grew up, you can still choose for your family to live out and apply these 22 characteristics of a strong family. 

You determine the outcome of your life and your families life. Leave a legacy that passes from generation to generation. 

Don't let your past define you or your family. Make the choice today to let God's truth define you and your family. 

Sometimes the greatest thing we can do for ourselves and for our families, is remove ourselves from the things that hinder our spiritual growth. It might be hard, but in the end you will be better for it and so will your family. 

Call your family together and start installing these principals today. It will forever change your family from this generation forward. 

Remember it's the hash in the middle that makes the lasting impression, not the start date or the end date. Those are simply just numbers. 

Praying for you and your family as you seek to live out the characteristics of a strong family.