Saturday, June 14, 2014

Choose the High Road

"Those who are short-tempered do foolish things, and schemers are hated." Proverbs 14:17

Do you attack others because they aren't doing what you want or saying what you want them to say, OR have they truly done something that has offended you?

This is a question that requires real honesty before The Lord, all of which not many will admit.

More times than not we turn our selfishness and frustrations onto others to try and ease the convictions of our own downfalls. 

Before you react to someones short temper and harsh remarks, take a moment and evaluate the situation. Then ask them, "Are you frustrated because I am not responding or doing what you want or have I truly offended you in some way."

If it's because of their own selfishness, don't respond any further. If you have truly offended them, let the Holy Spirit confirm it, and then apologize immediately. 

This will produce a peacemaker within you rather than one who stirs up more dissension by fighting back. 

Remember, Jesus chose the higher road and so should we. Be the bigger person and hold your tongue and create peace.