Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Jon Randles

He is a man who radiates Jesus from every ounce of him. While in college, at Texas Tech I had the amazing privilege of listening to this man preach God's word to thousands of college students on Sunday's and Thursday nights.

His passion to share God's Word with students was one of the many reasons, I desire to share God's Word.

He is bold, black and white, and a living example of how we are to live our lives on fire for Christ.

Awhile back, Jon Randles was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and as we all know this type of cancer can be vicious. But to Jon and his family they joyful look at it differently. Their eyes are steadfast on the Lord and every ounce of their strength is found in Him.

Would you join with me as we pray for Jon and his family?

Cancer seems to be making it's way into more and more people today. Let's be mindful of all who are fighting this awful disease, along with their loved ones. Not only do those fighting the battle need prayer, encouragement and love, but they need God's super natural strength and rest as well, as does their family.  Let's also remember those families who have lost loved ones to cancer, especially as we approach the upcoming holidays. But don't stop once the holidays are over, continue to pray for them  everyday all year around.

If you would like to read his journey you can click on the link below.