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Exodus 16-Outline

Exodus 16

Study: Manna & Quail

Store: “Always be joyful. Keep on praying. No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Apply: God’s Deliverance

Learn: God Provides-

·       Exodus 16
o   3 Focus Points
§  1. The Complaints- Exodus 16:1-3
·       Their Surroundings
·       Their focus
§  2. God’s Plan-Exodus 16:4-15
·       Provide their daily need
·       Test their obedience
·       God reveal’s His presence
§  3. God’s Detailed Instructions- Exodus 16:16-36
·       The Amount Required
·       No Leftovers
·       The 6th day
·       The Sabbath

1.    The Complaints
-Exodus 16:1-3; 8

v  According to verse 8 who were the complaints of the people really against?

Ø  When we complain, who are our complaints really against?

§  Our complaints can leave a lasting impression on others and on us. Complaints produce nothing but doubt, lack of trust, and negativity.

§  How many times does God remind them about their complaining in chapter 16?

¨     Their Surroundings
-Exodus 16:1-2

Ø  Bonus Question: What was the environment like in the Sin Desert?

Ø  What was the time frame from the time they left Egypt to the time they arrived in the Sin Desert?            

Ø  What made the Sin Desert so inconvenient to the people of Israel?

Ø  How did the people of Israel allow their surroundings to affect their attitudes?

§  How do your surroundings affect your attitude and faith?

¨     Their Focus
-Exodus 16:3

Ø  According to verse 3, what did the Israelites focus on?

Ø  Why were they so quick to complain?

§  Why are we so quick to complain when things get hard or become inconvenient?

§  Rather than focusing on God, they focused on the groaning’s of their flesh. What did their flesh desire to have happen?

Ø  Where did God want their focus to be?

§  Why was it so hard for them to focus on God and His ability to provide?

Ø  What message can we draw out from verse 3?

2.    God’s Plan
Exodus 16:4-15

§  Bonus Question -In the New Testament who is compared to Manna? Why? What passage is used to describe this person?

¨     His Plan to Provide
-Exodus 16:4,8

-Bonus Question: What does the word Manna mean?

Ø  How did God plan on providing food for the Israelites according to verses 4 and 8?

Ø  How would this meet their daily needs?

·       How does God meet our daily needs?

·       Flip over and read Matthew 4:4.

¨     How does God’s Word satisfy our spiritual and physical needs?

§  How does God carry out His plan and provide food for the Israelites according to verse 13-15?

§  In verse 14 what does the Manna look like?

¨     Testing Their Obedience
-Exodus 16:4

Ø  Bonus Question: According the lay out of the Tabernacle where was the manna placed?

Ø  Why was it necessary to God to test the obedience of the Israelites?

§  Why is obedience so important to God?

§  How do we benefit from being obedient?

§  How does trust and obedience go hand and hand?

¨     God Reveals His Presence
-Exodus 16:7, 9-10

Ø  What effect did God’s presence have on the people of Israel?

§  When God reveals Himself to us, what purpose is it for?

Ø  How did God display His presence according to verses 7, 9 and 10?
§  Verse 7-

§  Verse 9-

§  Verse 10-

§  In what ways has God displayed His presence to us over the last 2000 years?

3.    God’s Detailed Instructions
-Exodus 16:5, 12, 15-36
v  Next to each verse list out God’s instruction.

Ø  Next to the verses that apply list out the amount required to take-

Ø  Verse 5-

Ø  Verse 16-

-Why were they only allowed to take the amount needed and not wanted?

Ø  Verse 18-

-What happened to those who took too much?
-What happened to those who took little?

Ø  Verse 19-

-Why did God not want them to keep any overnight?

-What happened in verse 20 to those who disobeyed?

Ø  Verse 22-

-Why was there twice as much food on the sixth day?

Ø  Verse 23-

-Why were the Israelites to not gather food on the 7th day?

Ø  Verse 25-

-What was the importance of the Sabbath?

-How does that still apply to us today?

-Why is it important for us to take time to rest and be with God?

Ø  Verse 26-

§  Verse 27- what resulted from those who disobeyed and still tried to gather manna on the Sabbath day?

Ø  Verse 32-

Ø  Verse 33-

§  In verse 31 what did the Manna taste like?

¨     God is not only a God of detail but of taste too.  

§  How long did Israel eat Manna?

§  Why is God so detail oriented?

§  How does His details benefit and help us?

§  How do they protect us?

How are we similar to the Israelites today?

What lessons can we learn and apply from Exodus 16?


1. God always provides our daily needs, NOT WANTS! (And that is a good thing.)
2. Use these lessons and examples to help guide you as you walk through this life.
3. Focus on God’s plan and will for your life.
4. Don’t just read God’s Word, study it and obey it.
5.  Wake up and feast on the Word of God, it is your daily source of strength and nourishment.
6. Don’t let your complaints become more than your thanks.


1. How can you transform your complaints into prayers of thankfulness?

2. How can you find joy in the midst of suffering, inconvenience, stress, and frustration?

3. What three things can you take from Exodus 16 and apply to your life this week?

4.  List out 10 ways God has met your daily needs



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Exodus 15- Outline

Exodus 15-Outline

Study: Exodus 15

Store-“Always be joyful. Keep on praying. No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Apply-Joy. Prayer. Thankfulness

Learn-A Song of Deliverance

v Exodus 15:1-21

o   How many times is God’s power and strength mentioned?

o   How many times is deliverance mentioned?

o   What made this particular song so unique?

o   Why was music and worship so big in Bible times?

o   How does worship play a role in our relationship with Christ?

o   What was the purpose of this song?

o   List two other books in the Bible that have famous songs?

o   In the two you listed, what was the purpose and theme of those songs?

o   What particular verses reveal confidence and hope in the Israelites?

v Exodus 15:22-27

o   How many days had the Israelites gone without water?

o   Why did they begin to complain?

o   Why was the water in Marah bitter?

o   What was the Israelites first reaction to the bitter water?

o   How did Moses react to their complaining?

o   How did the Lord react to Moses’ prayer?

o   In verse 26 list out the commands God laid before them?

§  1.

§  2.

§  3.

§  4.

o   What did God say would be the benefit for listening and obeying?

o   How did God show Himself as Provider in verse 27

o   What are the benefits of turning to God and waiting for Him to provide verses complaining and grumbling?

o   What does complaining reveal about our hearts?

o   What does complaining reveal about our faith?

Take a few minutes and write out your own song of deliverance. 

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