Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Embracing the New

Your beginning your second week of Kindergarten and it hasn't gotten any easier to drop you off. I am thankful for the mornings we get together, and I am even more grateful for the fact you are still proud to be my baby. Your kisses and hugs still overwhelm me with the greatest joy. I often can't believe the Lord would honor me in such a way.

We have already hit a few rough patches, but nothing so major we can't overcome. Sweet boy, you are going to have a wonderful year. I am excited to watch you grow. As hard as this new season is for me, I know it is necessary, so I will embrace it, cling to Jesus, and praise Him for being side by side with you always.

It gives me peace and comfort knowing you are not alone. I love the fact that Jesus never leaves your side. I hope you will grow to love that fact just as much, and that it will bring you great joy and peace the rest of your life.

Jesus fill him with a joy for learning. Teach him the importance of listening and obeying but more than that, teach him his greatest role, sharing who You are, Your Word. May he reflect You through his actions, speech, attitude, thoughts and behavior. Set him apart for Your glory. 

Fill him with wisdom beyond his years, give him a desire to learn, and a passion for more of You. 

Jesus protect him, his health, his mind, his heart, his thoughts, and the things he sees. Use him in ways only You can. Thank You for loving him, guiding him, and always being side by side with him. 

Thank You for the privilege of being his mommy. May I set a godly example that leaves a lasting impression and legacy for him and his brother. Jesus teach them both what true humility looks like and fill them with the desire to obtain pure wisdom from heaven. Thank You that Your mercies begin afresh each new day. Thank You that Your protection goes beyond what we can see. Thank You for giving us Your Word to learn, know, and grow closer to You. Put us aside Jesus so others can see and know You. Amen