Friday, June 13, 2014

A New Day is A New Oppurtunity

This morning I had the choice to either  sleep in or get up and meet with Jesus. I chose Jesus.

Today I will have many choices. 

Some of these choices I am given every single day. 

I am given the choice to choose...

Jesus or self
Love or hate
Forgiveness or bitterness
Kindness or ugliness
Peace or dissension
Trust or doubt 
Faith or disbelief 
Joy or grumpiness
Encouragement or discouragement
To serve or not to serve (or demand to be served)
Humbleness or pride
Obedience or disobedience
Heaven or Hell
Hope or defeat
Jesus or the World
His promises or Satan's lies
Righteousness or sinfulness
Healthy eating or unhealthy eating
Self control or no control
Listen or not to listen
Respect or disrespect

And the choices go on and on. 

Every SINGLE DAY I am given these choices, and every NEW day God gives me, is another day He is giving me the opportunity to  make the right choice. 

And in order to make the right choice I have to allow the Holy Spirit to be in complete control, without Him, I am unfit to choose what is right.