Saturday, February 15, 2014

They Way They Communicate

God made men able to relate to one another in ways, we women often don't understand. For these two, it's found in the most unusual ways. 

Sometimes they communicate in silence, other times they communicate with a simple look. Lately, they have been communicating with music. 

If you know anything about this little man of ours, he seldom stops moving. It is very rare to find his body in a manner of calmness, but lately, his daddy has been able to calm him, comfort him, communicate to him, and fill him up with an unexplainable amount of peace and contentment. 

I am thankful for an extremely patient, talented, loving, compassionate man of God that G is. I am thankful for the time G now has to invest more in the lives of his boys. I am most thankful for his ability to communicate to our two boys and for the desire he has to set a Godly example for them. 

I pray they grow up to be the amazing men G is today.