Sunday, January 5, 2014

Altar Sunday

Do you know someone Satan has been attacking? Someone who is beyond broken and hurt that the only thing they can do is seek to hurt others too. 

Hurting people hurt people. 

Do you know someone who has allowed Satan to interweave himself in their life so much so they don't even try to justify their sin instead they laugh as though it's no big deal?

Conviction has been lost

Do you know someone who is in desperate need of Jesus, yet denies needing Him?

Do you know someone who is so miserable they set out to make others miserable? 

Misery loves company, it actually can't stand to be alone.

Maybe you know someone or are that someone, who is broken, entangled in sin, miserable, and lost. If so, there is no better place to go for them or yourself than to the Altar.