Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Today, commitments are made and broken as though they were never intended to be kept. But there is one commitment that must always remain. It's the commitment you and I made when we counted the cost of following Christ and then said, "Yes!" No matter how hard life gets, or how much Satan attacks, we MUST remain committed to the One who committed to giving up His own life to save us. 

Before we make a commitment let's make sure we are willing to keep it and see it through all the way to the end! 

If you have committed your life to Christ are you following through with it? Are you doing your part? That is the first and most important commitment. 

If you are committing to take better care of your body, the temple where Christ lives, are you willing to stick with it to the end? 

Before you commit to anything ask yourself these three questions. 

1. Will this commitment draw me closer to the Lord or away? 

2. Will this commitment honor and bring glory to His Name? 

3. Why do I want to make this commitment?

Have you made a commitment to the Lord? How are you keeping your end of that commitment up? 

As I step into a new, yet unfamiliar calling to encourage others to honor the Lord with their health, bodies and relationship with Christ. It is a commitment I am taking very serious. Because if He finds me, a sinner, worthy enough to be used, it is a role I want to honor Him with and be fully committed, obedient in. I want Him to be known! I want others to see that counting the cost and giving up their life for Him is truly the best commitment and decision they will ever make. 

Are you ready to commit your life, body and  healthy to Christ? 

It's an investment spiritually and financially but He is worth it! 

If you're ready to commit, leave us your email and we will help you get started.