Monday, August 18, 2014

The Mountain

God's placed you on this mountain to stretch you and challenge you to climb higher in your faith, trust and obedience. 

As much as we want Him to place an escalator on that mountain (and He often does at times) in doing so we become less dependant, more complacent, and often times think we can do it on our own. But God desires nothing but greatness from us. He doesn't place us there and then leave us alone to figure it out. He stays right beside us. He wants us to keep stepping, keep searching for the next place to put our foot in order to climb up higher. 

He wants us to relinquish any and all control. He wants us to look up and focus on His ability to provide. 

We need not worry about what's below us. Only what's up in front of us. 

Once we reach the top, heaven, then and only then will God show us the bigger picture. 

There we will see all things clearly. We will gain a clarity that can only be given when we reach eternity. 

So keep climbing. Focus on Him. Trust in His strength and ability to carry you. Do your part and keep on stepping in obedience and confidence. 

Don't quit! Don't look for the easy way out (escalator). Use the power, strength, and resources God has given you to move closer to Him. 

And when you pass by someone on your way up, always be sure to encourage them, help them and love them.