Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Anticipating the Grade

At the school A attends, they always send home a Summer project. Since A is going into the 3rd grade we knew his project would consist of a little more than just reading some books.

This summer A's assignment was to pick one book out of 4, read it and then write about the main character.

So of course we began the project in July. It is now the day before school starts and his project is due and this is what we came up with.

Of course daddy drew the picture and mama wrote helped with the paper. As we were going over everything, I began to laugh.

It seems every time there is a project due, G and I help A and then wait with anticipation for our grade.

I felt like a school girl again hoping to do well on my project.

Yes, his paper is probably over the top. Yes his teacher will probably realize we did it, but in all honesty when you send homework home, you know your parents are either going to do a majority of it or the child will come back and have not done any of it at all.

I dislike homework with a passion. I honestly disagree with it and yes I use to be a teacher, but I never gave homework. I felt like when those babies went home they should be able to go home, play, and be with their families. And when you think of those precious babies whose home life is harder, why make it even more stressful for them? And as the teacher, why put that stress on yourself. It's one battle I felt was not necessary to fight.

I understand why some of it is sent home, but in reality, our children spend 8 hours a day at school. They should be able to come home and not have to spend two to three more hours doing homework.

Why are they not able to finish their work at school where they have the help they need and the resources available to be successful?

There has to be a balance somewhere, right?

With all that I said, I am sure there will be lots of homework sent home with my boys over the next 10-12 years, and we will sit down and get it done and laugh as we anticipate our grades.

It's a family affair!

I will keep you posted on the grade.