Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dare to Do More, Reach More, and Pursue More

Jesus called us to be pursuers of His Word and the lost. 

We should never be okay with complacency, or sitting back and waiting for others to come to us. Jesus wants more from us. 

We must always be available and ready to be used by God. 

We must be active in our faith and in our quest to reach the lost, those growing in faith, the complacent, and even those within our Churches. 

Let's actively pursue others for Christ. 

Let's always desire to be working where Christ is working. 

Let's stop assuming medocrity is good enough. 

Let's open the door for others to be more involved in the Body of Christ. 

Jesus has not stopped pursuing you! 

Complacency is one of the quickest things to destroy and hinder a ministry, Church, and even our personal walk with God. 

Our efforts to reach and share God's Word should never come to a stop because others have grown content in mediocrity. 

Let's be mindful of our purpose and mission here on earth. 

As followers who have counted the cost, we should be fully aware that reaching others requires us pursuing them just as Christ has, is and will always be pursuing us. 

Through Christ we can always do more, reach more, serve more, help more, encourage more, love more, and grow more.  

Let us not grow weary. Time is fleeting! 

Whatever position you are in glorify Him. Whatever oppurtunity you are given, seek to do more than the minimum. Seek to be more than the ordinary. Seek to be used. Seek to reach more. 

Have you stepped into a role or position and have grown complacent or content in medocrity? If so ask The Lord to refuel you, to ignite you, to fill you with a passion and hunger to step out and do more for Him. 

Let's be brave and confident and willing to go farther in order to reach more for Christ. 

Let's be followers of Christ who desire to grow in the Body of Christ so much so that the edges of the earth become the four walls of the Church.