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Exodus 10-outline

Exodus 10-Study Notes

Study: Exodus 10

Store-“Always be joyful. Keep on praying. No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Apply-Joy. Prayer. Thankfulness

Learn-Locusts and Darkness

            ***Remember to mark in your Bibles or somewhere every time Moses asks Pharaoh to let the people go. We will discuss the meaning of this later on. ***

v Exodus 10:1-2
o   How is God using Pharaoh for His glory?

o   What does verse 1 mean to you? What does God reveal about Himself in this verse?

o   In verse 2 why does God want Moses to tell these stories to his children and grandchildren?

                  Deuteronomy 4:9-14
                  Deuteronomy 6:6-9

·      How did these stories of God shape you growing up?

·      How will these stories shape our children and grandchildren?

·      How do these stories set the foundation?

v Exodus 10:3-6
o   What warning does God give pharaoh in verse 4-6?

o   What will be the consequence if Pharaoh refuses to let the people go?

o   How will this plague affect Egypt?

v Exodus 10:7-11
o   In verse 7 why did the court officials speak up? Why now, why didn’t they speak up a long time ago?
§  How did Pharaoh respond?

o   Why was Pharaoh still so stubborn?

§  What did he think he could gain at this point? He had already destroyed Egypt?

o   Why did Pharaoh want to know whom all Moses would take?

§  What was Pharaoh’s fear if he let all of the Israelites go?
o   Why did Pharaoh respond in the manner he did in verse 10?

v Exodus 10:12-15
o   How do you think the Egyptians reacted when they woke up to locusts covering the entire land?

o   How were the families affected by this plague?

o   How were we affected by the sin of Adam and Eve?

v Exodus 10:16-20
o   How long do you think it took Pharaoh to call out to Moses, once the plague hit?

o   What do you notice in verse 17 about Pharaoh?

§  How was his repentance false repentance?

o   How does God display His mercy throughout each of these plagues?

§  How does Jesus shower us with mercy today?

o   Notice God used the wind to bring the plague in and to remove the plague?

v Exodus 10:21-23-The Darkness
o   List 5 things you know about darkness, spiritually?
§  1.
§  2.
§  3.
§  4.
§  5.
o   According to Matthew 8:12 where will there be eternal darkness?
o   Why did the darkness last for 3 days? What was significant about the 3 days?

o   How long did the darkness last when Jesus died on the cross?

§  Mark 15:33

o   What was the difference between the gods of Egypt and the God of the Hebrews?

o   If Pharaoh let Moses take all the Israelites, what would he lose?

§  What made the Israelites so resourceful to the Egyptians?

o   How does Jesus deliver us from darkness?

o   Read Ephesians 5:10-14 how can we avoid and help others avoid darkness?

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