Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ladies, A Challenge.

Ladies as we approach another new week, let's seek to build our spouses up.

Our sweet men carry such a big load. 

They carry the load of...

Being the leader of the home
The finacial leader
The provider
The protector
The Spirtiual leader
The need meeter (I know meeter is not a word, but is my lovely word.)
The mind reader (Yes ladies we do expect this)
The encourager 
The helper

And so on. It's a heavy load! 

So here's the challenge.

Rather than place more on them by expecting things from them only Christ can fulfill, let's focus on helping ease their load. 

How do we do this, for starters, let's nag less and encourage more. Then, let's look to Christ to be...

Our Leader
Our Provider
Our Protector
Our Need Meeter
Our Helper
Our Encourager

When we take this off our spouses and place it upon Christ, not only will it lighten their load, but it will place our trust in the One for whom it should be in, in the first place-Christ!

Ladies, if we put Christ first in our lives and focus on serving, pleasing, and honoring Him, we will then desire to serve, honor and please our spouses. 

Christ should always be our main focus! 

This Sweet Lady

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