Thursday, May 8, 2014

Which One Are You?

It's always interesting when I step back and evaluate my absolute joy and excitement for Jesus here on earth all to realize it doesn't even come close to what it will be like in heaven. 

I imagine I will be that crazy woman throwing myself all over the King of Kings, all while crying that hysterical woman cry as I literally place my entire being in his arms. 

What truly astonishes me is the mere fact that a lot of others will be doing the same thing and not one of us will have to compete or wait for His attention. 

With that thought it brings me to this astonishing realization that many of us forget. 

We don't have to compete or try to impress Christ. His love and affection is available to each of us at all times. 

Our minds have been warped with the lie that we have to earn His love, even salvation through our works. Therefore we actually live a life trying to EARN His love, His attention and salvation. So much so we even compete with one another, rather than uniting as one.

If it is about works alone than why did Jesus even need to come?

The most important thing and the one that will last forever is our relationship with Christ. 

If we focus on our own relationship with Him we will actually be investing our time in the one that matters the most and we will spend less time competeing or trying to earn His love and attention through works alone. 

Which one are you? Are you trying to earn your way or do you have a real, personal, and intimate relationship with Him?