Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Seeing Him Through Them

His sweet little hand reaches out to find mine. He grabs hold and whispers, "Mommy I will protect you."

His compassion overwhelms me. 

Through him, I get glimpses of Him. 

He looks at me through the phone and and without a word being said, I see the need his little heart has. The need for his mama. The need to be right next to me. No one else will suffice. His little voice cracks as he says, "Mommy I miss you." 

And I, I try to stay strong, encouraging, and remind him it's only a little longer. But longer to him feels like an eternity. Especially at 5!

His longing for me, reminds me of my longing for more of Him.

The way they love. The way they need. The way their little hearts express themselves, all reminders of the way I need Jesus.