Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jesus Makes All Things New

Isaiah has been restored!

Love, love that my baby loves God's Word so much. 

When Longing turns into Pleading and Interceding

I have this unexplainable desire to be in a state of worship that brings the presence of God so near to me I can't move. It's a longing for Him that will always be, until He takes me home.

Do you ever have that deep longing for His closeness?

So much so you want to feel Him breathe, hear the beat of His heart, and feel the warmth that radiates off of Him?

In these moments of deep longing, I know it is Him drawing me closer. It's Him reaching out and desiring to be with me, this moves me to tears every time. The Most Holy God desires to be with me.

His love is so binding, so powerful, so moving, so humbling, so filling. I can't ever get enough. I can never get close enough, at least the way my heart desires. But one day, one day I will. One day I will be in the direct presence of the Father. One day I will be complete, longing for nothing.

Yet in the midst of my deepest longing, I am suddenly interrupted by the overwhelming thought of those who have never experienced His love, His calling, His presence, yet they have all sensed at some point Him drawing them in, yet they ignore Him, they run from Him, they deny Him.

This thought makes the longing in my heart expand, deepen, even ache because of the loss. Lost lives perishing in a place where there is no love, only suffering.

Then I realize the greater purpose of why my heart longs for Him. Because I have realized what I have been saved from. I have been saved from the place of suffering, burning, and agony.

Yet so many have never realized this. So how can I through Christ tell others what He has done? How can I show them, explain to them what His death and blood has done for them?

How can I express the urgency of this before it's to late?

This brings me to a place where my longing turns into crying, pleading and interceding for the lost.

Jesus please show them what You came to save them from. Show them it exists and is real and if ignored will be their eternal forever home. Yet it's not home, it's torture, it's suffering, it's worse than anything they could ever imagine. Show them why You came and what You have done for them and what You are preparing for them, Heaven. The place where You dwell. The place where love abounds. The place where there is no hurt, no pain, no suffering, no sorrow, no longing; just peace, love, joy, and an overwhelming amount of goodness, beauty, and Jesus. 

Jesus may the existence of hell be so real it becomes life changing. Amen