Tuesday, January 7, 2014

We Hurry Just to Wait...

"Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for Him to act." Psalm 37:7

Dax and I were sitting in the Dr's office yesterday, and there was a gentleman, who like us, had been there waiting a very long time.

You could tell he was very frustrated with the situation, by his loud sighs and head nods. At one point his sigh was so loud I looked up and he said, "We just hurry to wait."

Isn't that so true? We hurry hurry, just to wait.

We hurry to get to a restaurant to sit and wait.

We hurry to the Dr to sit and wait.

We hurry through the grocery store to sit and wait in the check out line.

We hurry to a game, to sit and wait.

We hurry, hurry, hurry.

What about Spiritually? What do we try to hurry spiritually?

We hurry sex before marriage.

We "try" to hurry having babies.

We try to hurry our wants spiritually.

We sometimes hurry marriage.

We try to hurry God's plan for our lives. Jacob did this when he stole his brothers birthright and blessing. He was going to receive it in God's time, but that wasn't good enough for him, he needed it now!

David tried to hurry love, by taking another man's wife and then killing him.

The Israelites tried to hurry entering the Promise Land, yet failed when it was right under their noses', yet doubted and had complaining hearts.

We hurry through Scripture, just to get it in.

We hurry through conversations with others.

We even try to hurry through Church.

We try to hurry in spending time with Christ, because we have so many other things to do.

Commitment to Christ can not be rushed.

Growth and developing wisdom, can not be rushed.

Overcoming and conquering sin, can not be rushed.

These things all take and require time and investment.

Knowing God and understanding His word can not be rushed. Time must be spent, adequate time.

We are our own worst enemies when it comes to time. Time management and patience are the two key ingredients when it comes to growing in the Word and knowing Christ more. 

Don't rush God's plans for you life. Don't rush your time with Him.

Enjoy that time. Savor that time. Soak it up and relish in His presence.

The very fact you are still here, goes to show God's patience with you. If God was in a hurry we would all be dead, Christ would have already returned.

Don't hurry through life, that you miss out on His will and purpose for your life.

Don't hurry through your day that you fail to see the person God intended for you to minister to.

And don't try to hurry His plan for you by taking on your own plan. It will fail without Him!

Wait for Him!

Hurry will never accomplish anything worth lasting. God didn't hurry in making you. He doesn't hurry His time with you. He didn't hurry in creating the world. He didn't hurry in writing everyday of your life out.

The best fruit, is the fruit that is invested in, nurtured, and allowed time to grow and develop.

You can't rush a good piece of fruit. (Spiritually speaking)