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Exodus 2 Outline

Exodus 2

Study: Israel in Egypt

Store: “Always be joyful. Keep on praying. No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Apply: God’s Deliverance

Learn: The Birth of Moses

·       Exodus 2
o   4 Focus Points
§  1. God’s Protection-
·       A mother’s heartache
§  2. God’s Plan-
·       God’s chosen
·       A reuniting
§  3. Moses’s Sin
·       Hiding
·       Covering-up
·       Exposed
·       Flees
§  4. God’s Timing
·       A time to grow

1.    God’s Protection
-Exodus 2:1-4

Bonus Question #1-What were the names of Moses’ parents?

¨     What do we know about the Levites?             

¨     Why did Moses need to be protected when he was born?
                  Exodus 1:22

¨     What message can we draw out from verse 3?

Ø  What qualities does Moses’ mom possess?

¨     What does this tell us about the call on Moses?
Ø  Acts 7:20-29
Ø  Hebrews 11:23-
§  What insight is given about Moses’ parents?

2.    God’s Plan
Exodus 2:4-10

§  Bonus Question # 2-What was the name of Moses’ sister?

·       What was God’s Plan for Moses?

·       How did God use his sister to save him?

§  Bonus Question # 3-What does Moses’ name mean?

·       Why was it in God’s plan, to have Moses raised by Pharaoh’s daughter, an Egyptian?

¨     What significance would this have later on in Moses’ life?

3.    Moses’ Sin

-Exodus 2:11-15

¨     Hiding
Ø  Verse 12

¨     Cover-up
Ø  Verse 12

¨     Exposed
Ø  Verse13-14

¨     Flee
Ø  Verse 14-15

In what ways are we similar to Moses today?

What lessons can we learn and apply from this passage?

4.    God’s Timing
-Exodus 2:15-25

¨     A Time to Grow

Ø  How long did Moses travel when he left Egypt?
Ø  The growing process begins
§  How does the Lord reveal His presence upon Moses?
Ø  Bonus Question # 4-Reuel was also called what?

¨     Three Main Events in the Life of Moses
Ø  He marries Zipporah
Ø  He has a baby boy-Gershom
Ø  The King of Egypt dies.
§  This is where we see God’s timing really begin to play out.


1. God always protects His people.
2. You exist for a purpose
3. You can’t hide your sin-it will always come out
4. Be still and trust in God’s timing. Use the waiting period to grow spiritually.

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