Friday, January 23, 2015

Be A Woman Who Encourages

When we accept a position as women, serving the Lord and other women, we have to be careful to not become consumed with self, laziness, jealousy or complacency.

When we take on that leadership role, it should be because we know it's what God has called us to do.

There are so many hurting and broken women in this world, in Churches and in homes right next to us. So when we have the opportunity as a leader, to take as many women as we can to an event where God's Word will be lavished upon them and worship will be real and raw and draw us nearer to the presence of God, why would we say no?

Why, as leaders would we look at this event as competition. Is the Body of Christ suppose to be competitive or work together as one?

In just a few short hours 1300 women will join together as one and worship Jesus Christ. Women who are hungry for more of Him. Women who are broken and lost looking for hope will come in hopes to find joy, help, love and life.

Why we would neglect any woman or say no to what God has called us to do because of selfishness, or competition?

Isn't there already enough comparison and competition between women today? Why would you encourage there to be more of that?

When a woman is seeking to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ or use their talents God has created within them, why would you turn them away?

Why would you belittle them and make them feel unworthy?

What is your mission?

Oh, sweet woman, who has assumed a position such as yours. May Jesus come in and intervene in your life in a way that opens your eyes so the heart of women.

Ladies, we are ALL called to love and minister to women of all ages. We are called to work together for His glory. We all have many gifts, and that is what makes the Body of Christ so special so unique. Let's join together and encourage women to fulfill those roles God has called them too.

Let's not hinder the Holy Spirit and what He is wanting to do in the life of others.

To you 1300 hundred women I am about to have the amazing opportunity of serving, I pray God's presence and love surrounds every ounce of you these next two days.

I pray you each encounter Him in a way that changes you forever.

May His love be lavished on you broken one. May His arms wrap around you lost one that leaves you being found forever.

May His mercy encompass you woman entangled in sin so much it sets you free.

Ladies you are loved richly by the King of Kings who is madly in love with you.

You are His living design.