Sunday, January 25, 2015

Exodus 24-Outline

Exodus 24

Study: The Establishment of the Laws

Store: “Always be joyful. Keep on praying. No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Apply: God’s Deliverance

Learn: What’s Right and What’s Wrong

·       Exodus 24
o   Israel Accepts the Lord’s Covenant

o   3 Key Points

§  1. Moses is called up into the Mountain-The Israelites promise their obedience-Exodus 24:1-8

§  2. The glory of the Lord appears-Exodus 24:9-11

§  3. Moses goes up into the Mountain-Exodus 24:12-18

1.    Moses is called up into the Mountain-The Israelites promise their obedience
-Exodus 24:1-8

v  Why did God say only Moses was to go close to Him?

v  How did the people respond to Moses after he had announced all the teachings and regulations the Lord had given them?

v  Why did Moses write down all the Lord’s instructions?

Ø  What is the advantage of written Scripture verse just hearing it?

v  What was the purpose of the altar and the 12 pillars?

v  What was the purpose of the sacrifices?

v  Why did Moses read the Book of the Covenant again?

v  What did the sprinkling of blood on the people represent and what significance would this have on them?

Ø  Why is the blood of Christ significant to us today?

Ø  What does His blood do for us?

2. The Glory of the Lord Appears
                  -Exodus 24:9-11

v  Why could the Elders and Moses now go up and meet with God?

v  What was the purpose of this meeting?

v  What does it mean when it says “They saw God?”

Ø  How could they see God and still be alive?

v  Why do you think God allowed them to see His footstool?

Ø  What did they see under His feet?

§  Can you imagine how beautiful that image must have been?

Ø  Not only did they get to see God and not die but also they shared a meal together in His presence.

3. Moses goes up into Mountain
                  -Exodus 24:12-18

v  Who did God call up to the Mountain?
Ø  Who went with Him?

Ø  How would this experience shape Joshua later?

Ø  Why did call Moses to come up to the Mountain?

v  Who did Moses leave in charge?

v  Why did a cloud cover the mountain?

v  During the 6 days of the cloud covering what do you think Moses was doing?

v  Why did Moses stay with God for 40 days and 40 nights?

Ø  What an amazing opportunity and experience this must have been for Moses, Joshua and the leaders. But what a huge responsibility as well.

v  Are you living your life in such a way God would find favor upon you, like He did Moses?

v  Why do we not desire to be used more by God in big and marvelous ways?

v  What is your favorite take away from this Chapter?