Sunday, December 7, 2014

Exodus 17-Outline

Study: The Water from the Rock and The Victory

Store: “Always be joyful. Keep on praying. No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Apply: God’s Deliverance

Learn: God Provides, Delivers and Protects

·       Exodus 17
o   3 Focus Points
§  1. The Doubting Israelites- Exodus 17:1-4
·       Complaining
·       Testing
§  2. God’s Provides-Exodus 17:5-7
·       Moses’ Safety
·       The Rock

§  3. The Battle- Exodus 17:8-16
·       The New Leader of the Army
·       The Support
·       The Victory

1.    The Doubting Israelites
-Exodus 17:1-3

v  Complaining
Ø  What caused the Israelites to complain in verse 2?

§  Where does the root of complaining come from?

§  In what other chapter did they complain about the lack of water?

§  How did God provide for them, then?

§  What was their complaint in Exodus 17:3?

§  Look back at chapter 15 and 16. What had God done for the Israelites in these last two chapters?

§  What is the pattern here?

§  Read Philippians 2:14-16, Philippians 4:8, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

·       How can we apply each of these verses and combat a complaining spirit?

v  Testing
Ø  In the latter part of verse 2, how does Moses reply to the people?

§  Why did Moses respond with questions? What did he hope would happen when he asked those questions?

·       How did the Israelites respond to Moses’ questioning?

§  Up to this point the Lord had performed many miracles, yet the Israelites seemed to forget His protection and provision for their lives, why?

¨     Is there something you are still complaining about that the Lord has already provided for once?

§  How did the Israelites test the Lord?

2. God Provides, Again
                  -Exodus 17:4-7

v  Moses’ Safety
Ø  Look back at verse 4, why was Moses afraid for his life?

§  How does the Lord protect Moses?

v  The Rock
Ø  Why did God lead Moses and the leaders to a Rock in Mount Sinai?

§  Has God led you somewhere in order to use you or protect you?

Ø  How did the Lord provide water for Moses and the Israelite people?

§  Just out of curiosity how big do you think that rock was?

§  Why was it important for Moses to take some leaders with him? Why did God not send him to go alone?

Ø  What two names did Moses give the place where God provided water? Why?
§  Why did Moses give that place a name?

§  What is the significance of him naming particular places? What purpose did it serve?

3. The Battle
                  Exodus 17:8-16

v    The New Leader of the Army

Ø  Who were the Amalek people?

§  Bonus Question: Who were the Amalek descendants from?

Ø  What made the Amalekites so hostile?

Ø  In verse 9 who does Moses introduce us to?

§  What do we know about Joshua at this point?

Ø  What leadership role does Moses give Joshua?

§  What did Moses command Joshua to do?

Ø  Why was it necessary for Moses to tell Joshua where he would be the next day, and what was so significant about the staff in his hand?

v  The Support
Ø  It’s important to make note of Joshua’s obedience and willingness to act. This will play an important role later on.

Ø  Who does Moses take to the top of the hill with him?

§  Why is this important for us to know?

Ø  How did Aaron and Hur give Moses support according to verse 12?

§  As followers of Christ, where do we get our support?

§  How can we as the Body of Christ better support one another?

§  Why do we need support? How does it benefit others and us?

§  How did the support of Aaron and Hur benefit Moses and the rest of the Israelites?

v  The Victory

Ø  According to verse 11 what gave the Israelites the advantage?

§  What gave the Amalekites the upper hand?

Ø  What point is the Lord trying to make and does make in verses 10-13?

Ø  How did the Israelites receive the victory over the Amalekites?

§  How do we receive the victory today?

Ø  There is a powerful lesson to be taught here.  List 5 lessons you've learned from verses 10-16.
§  1.
§  2.
§  3.
§  4.
§  5.

Ø  What did God instruct Moses to do in verse 14? Why?

Ø  What did Moses do according to verse 15?

§  Why were altars so significant back then?

§  What purpose did they serve?

Ø  What did Moses call the altar?

§  What does “The Lord is My Banner” mean?

§  How is He our Banner today?

Ø  What price would the Amalekites pay for raising their fist against the Lord’s throne?

§  Who all would be affected by their hasty decision?


1. Be mindful of all God has done for you.
2. Trust in His promises, protection, and provision for your life.
3. Focus on who He is and what He as done for you.
4. As apart of the Body of Christ, be supportive and encourage one another.
5.  Be prayerful for all your brothers and sisters around the world.
6. Praise God for the victory you received when Christ came and died and rose again!


1. How can you become more mindful of what God has done for you?

2. How can you be an Aaron or Hur to someone this week?

3. What three things can you take from Exodus 17 and apply to your life this week?

4.  As you begin this week, make it a point to memorize Philippians 2:14-15, Philippians 4:8 and 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.

5. Write down 5 ways God has given you the victory over a particular sin in your life or a battle you have been facing.