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Exodus 18-outline

Exodus 18

Study: Jethro’s Visit and Wise Advice

Store: “Always be joyful. Keep on praying. No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Apply: God’s Deliverance

Learn: The Importance of the Body

·       Exodus 18
o   2 Focus Points
§  1. The Visit- Exodus 18:1-12
·       The Greeting
·       The Impact
§  2. The Wise Advice-Exodus 18:13-27
·       Relieve the Burden
·       Continue on
·       Delegate

1.    The Visit
-Exodus 18:1-12

v  The Greeting
§  How did Moses react upon the news of His Father-In-Law and family’s arrival?

§  What type of relationship did Moses have with Jethro before he left for Egypt?

§  In verse 3 what does the name Gershom mean?

§  In verse 4, what does the name Eliezer mean?

§  How long had it been since Moses had seen his family?

v  The Impact
§  In verse 8 what did Moses tell Jethro?

·       Who did Moses point Jethro too?

·       Who did Moses give all the credit too?

§  What reaction did Jethro have in verse 9 and 10?

§  How did Moses’ story impact Jethro?

§  How did Jethro’s relationship with God change @ that point?

§  What did Jethro do in verse 11 and 12 to show his thankfulness to God?

2. The Wise Advice
                  -Exodus 18:13-27

v  Relieve the Burden
Ø  Exodus 18:14-18
§  List the difference between Moses’ way of doing things verse Jethro’s advice on doing things.

                                   Moses                                               Jethro

§  How will Jethro’s advice help relieve some of Moses’ burden?

§  How does the Body of Christ help relieve some of our burdens?

§  How does Jesus help relieve our burdens according to the following verses?

·       Psalm 145:14

·       Matthew 11:28-30


v  Continue On
Ø  Exodus 18:19-20
§  Why did Jethro advise Moses to continue being God’s representative?

§  Why are we to continue being Jesus’ representatives?

§  How would the people of Israel benefit from Moses continuing to represent and teach them God’s Word?

·       What benefit do we receive?

·       What benefit do others receive who hear and are taught God’s Word and laws?

Ø  The Opportunity
·       List 5 Opportunities we have to share God’s Word and Laws with others?

¨     1.
¨     2.
¨     3.
¨     4.
¨     5.

v    Delegate
Ø  Exodus 18:21-26
§  What does it mean to delegate?

§  Why did Jethro make a point to describe the type of men Moses should delegate things too?

§  What type of character and qualities were they to display?

§  Why is this important for us know?

·       Bonus Question: God gives us a glimpse of something to come in the New Testament that will play a huge role in the lives of Christians, what is it?

§  How does Christ delegate today?

§  What is the significance of the Body of Christ?

·       Why are there many parts of the Body?
·       What role do you play in the Body?

·       Read 1 Corinthians 12: 12-31

¨     How do Exodus 18 and 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 compare to each other?

§  How would Jethro’s advice to delegate later affect the Israelites?

·       What advice can you take from Jethro’s advice to Moses?


1. Give God your burdens!
2. Help relieve the burdens of others.
3. Listen to Godly Counsel.
4. As a part of the Body of Christ, do your job well.
5.  Pray for the Body of Christ.
6. Praise God for the gifts he has given you!


1. What role do you play in the Body of Christ?

2. How can you make better use of the opportunity God has given you to spread the Good News?

3. What three things can you take from Exodus 18?

4.  What burdens have weighed you down?
                  How can you apply Matthew 11:28-30 and Psalm 145:14


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